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Conservation & Preservation
Ancient City & Site
Ancient Monument & Building
Antiquity Collection Centre
Research and Training Department
  1. To make research on excavation of archaeological site and excavated findings of
    Prehistoric period and historic period, and Myanmar culture and custom of nationalities.
  2. To compile and read out the research papers in the symposium.
  3. To make research and preserve the stone inscription and ancient calligraphies.
  4. To copy, record and preserve the various inscriptions.
Conservation of Myanmar Cultural Heritage Department
  1. To implement the policies of preservation of the ancient cultural heritage set by the State.
  2. To implement the plans and projects of the preservation of cultural heritage especially sectional and regional area.
  3. To record and publish the preservation of ancient monuments and edifies.
  4. To preserve the immovable cultural heritage including mural paintings, stucco carvings, stone carvings, as well as wood carvings by means of scientific methods
  5. To preserve the collective items including the important documents, rare books, palm-leaf manuscripts, stone inscriptions by means of modernized scientific methods.
  6. To collect and compile the research papers of the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.
  7. To cooperate with the international experts in the field of excavation and preservations works.

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