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Shwe Nan Daw Monastery (Golden Palace Monastery)
Shwe Nan Daw Monastry
This monastery was built by King Mindon, the second last Myanmar King in A.D. 1857. The Monastery was an apartment of the Mya Nan San Kyaw Royal Palace which was a complex of several gilt and mosaic wooden buildings.A spacious external wooden corridor circumambulates the main structure, on which one can walk around to see and appreciate the intricate wood carvings on the whole building, representing traditional floral design, decorative motifs, and scene from Jataka stories.
Atumashi Monastry
Atumashi Monastry
This Monastery, known as the Incomparable Monastery, was built by King Mindon in 1857. It is located in Mandalay.The building was built of wood, covered with stucco outside. It consisted of graduated rectangular terraces instead of usual pyramidal Pyatthats. The building was gutted by fire in A.D. 1890. It was reconstructed in the time of State Law and Order Restoration Council Government.
Mahar Aung Mye Bon San Brick Monastry (Menu Brick Monastery)
Mahar Aung Mye Bone San Brick Monastry
This brick monastery was built by King Bagyidaw (the founder of fourth Capital of Ava) and Queen Nanmadaw Menu in AD 1822. It is located in Innwa (Ava). It took five years to be completed and donated to Nyaungkan Sayadaw and named Maha Aung Mye Bon San in A.D. 1828. It was destroyed by the earthquake of 1839 and renovated by Queen Sinphyumashin in A.D. 1876.
Bargayar Monastry
Bargayar Monastry
King Bodaw Phaya (Badon Min) built Bargayar monastery after shifting the palace to Amarapura city from Innwa city in 1872. This great wooden monastery was destroyed by fire in 1821. Now it was reconstructed according to the original situation and 5280 numbers of palm leaves , 231 parabaiks (Manuscripts) and 589 Buddha images, collected by Ashin Nyanuttra are exhibited in this monastery as a museum.
Ariyar Wamsa Yoke Sone Kyaung
Ariya Wamsa Yoke Sone Kyaung
It is located in Sagaing. It was donated by Shin Maha Ariyarwamsa during the time of King Htuparyon Daryakar Narapati. This Mini- monastery is very rare residence for one monk only measuring 43 feet 9 inches from South to North by 30 feet from East to West. It was decorated with wood carving along the roof and cornices and parapets along the basement were decorated with stucco figures and stucco carving.

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