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Myanmar - French joint Pondaund expedition team primate exploration in Paukhaung Kyit-chaung area

Cave Padalin (new stone age)

Stone Age Painting of Padalin Cave

The Padalin caves are situated at Ywangan Township in Taunggyi, Shan State. In this area, the tools are largely made on pebbles. They are crude and without marks of secondary flaking or retouching, resembling the palaeolithic tools. The occurrence of Potsherds characterizes the neolithic pattern of culture. The mural paintings are seen in the eastern cave,No-1. The rest are animal figures, bulls, bisons, a deer, hinds of elephants, a huge fish.

Bronze Age Culture (B.C. 1800-1500)
  1. Nyaung-gan (Butalin Township)
  2. Myin- Oo-Hle (Mahling Township) and
    Hnaw- Kan (Mahlaing Township)
  3. Chaung-ma-gyi (Pyaw- bwe Township)
  4. Myo-Hla (Yamaethin Township)
  5. In-te (Taungtha Township)
  6. Koke-Ko-Khar-Hla(Wundwin Township)
  7. Yaw-Htin (Pyawbwe Township)
  8. Mon-Htoo (Budalin Township)

The first excavation work started test excavation on January 1998 in Nyaunggan village tract of Budalin Township. Nyaunggan village site which is the first Bronze Age burial site in Myanmar. As a result of the systematic and careful digging, many skeletons, and potteries can be brought to light in good conditions. Many skeletons were buriedone upon another. Potteries are the most common finds in every square at the burial sites. Of all the potteries many were buried together with the human skeletons. In some square potteries were uncovered without any skeletal remains. Various types and sizes of potteries were found near the skeletons. Some skeletons were wearing polished stone rings. In some skeletons socketed bronze celts were found in the hands or placed near the skeleton. Majority of stone rings were are made of igneous Rock- Basalt. These stone rings were polished and the shape of the stone rings are circular, oval sqliarish and triangular. Stone beads were also found in association with the skeletons. Three kinds of beads are found namely terra-cotta beads, cylindrical stone beads and small gastropod shell beads. The stone beads are made of igneous rock Basalt and Andesite. With the evidence of the finds of prehistoric bronze tools it is surmiseable that these grave belong to the pre-historic Bronze-Age.

Human skeletons found at Nyaung-gan Bronze Age excavation site

Human skeletons found at Ywar Htin Bronze Age excavation site

Various types of pottery were found at Koke-ko-Khar-hla Site

Stone rings found at
Mon-Htoo bronze age site

Mon Htoo Bronze Age Site

Another interesting Bronze age Site was located in Budalin Township, Monywa District of Scagaing Division. That site is called Mon-Htoo. Archaeological excavations revealed skeletons, bone pieces, bronze implements, bone and stone beads and different types of pottery.

Bronze spear-heads and arrow-heads found at Koke-ko-khar-hla site

Koke-Ko-Khar-Hla Bronze Age

SiteKoke-ko-khar-hla Bronze age site is located in Wundwin Township of Meikhtila District. Excavated finds are bronze and iron implements, skeletons, stone and bone beads, and different types of grave potteries. Study of excavated finds suggest that Koke-ko-khar-hla site was flourished during the transitional Period from Bronze-Age to Iron-Age.

A skeleton buried together with pots found at Koke-ko-khar-hla site

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